Formwela 13

as your smoke-screen of brooding cloudiness releases into the basic-affinity and love of others, the same canal which when empty seemed like an endless valley of hell you had to walk along the bottom of alone, fills into a carrying and supporting river.

Use to release the pretentious illusion that others can’t see through your stingily maintained smoke-screen of dark grandeur, and notice how you are in fact loved because AND despite of your burning, condensated, sullied human-ness.

For remembering that brooding cloudiness is some basic-ass-shit, and also, a withholding of love(water) accumulated around each particle of suffering inevitably kicked up through walking this way called life. For noticing that many many among us have also suffered profoundly, and the evidence of love’s constancy through it all IS your/our/their capacity to generate and hold  such a massive volume of evaporated care as protective, occluding cloud, which -once released into the love of others- is the waters most needed to fill and deliver you/us flowingly along the rivers of life.