apothecary shop:

(SUMMER 2021)


Each formwela created in the Songwrights Apothecary Lab is sold along with a functional object, collaboratively designed to embody the intended salutary effect and use(s) of each formwela.

(see details below)

My ultimate goal is to stop producing plastic CDs and Vinyls, and be able to fund the S.A.L. through sales of the objects and digital downloads.     
    like everything else in this lab, the process of making this work sustainable - ecologically and economically- is iterative. Thank you for supporting this cycle of the journey...

Formwela 7 // small ceramic ear brooch, with inkling bells

Hard enamel ear with a sterling silver bell 


Gently jingle the inkling bells, should a person in your midst exhibit a reduced and/or hardened sense of reciprocity within communicative exchange  (another words: when somebody keeeeeeps on talking your ear offffffff).  Let the gentle sound of the inkling bells cue a tuning-in to awareness of how one’s own talking is being received by the listening apparatus of those around.

Includes jewlery and a high-quality digital download of Formwela 7. Ships October 3, 2021.

Formwela 8 // necklace with corn, bean, and squash seeds

Sterling silver and hand-blown glass vial filled with an heirloom kernel of corn, squash seed, and abean on a 22" sterling silver chain


Like each of us, this fragile vial carries the seeds for complete and complimentary nourishment to be planted, cultivated and shared, wherever we find ourselves home. Like the three melodies of Formwela 8, these three seeds intertwine, their distinctness working closely together, as they grow and leaf into one another, all rooted in the singing-soil sustaining them.

Includes jewlery and a high-quality digital download of Formwela 8. Ships October 3, 2021.

Formwela 9 // magnetic amulet for pull protection

An amulet with two magnets suspended apart from one another at the distance where they maintain magnetism hung on a 34" adjustable coated cotton cord


Individual pieces quite susceptible to the laws of magnetic attraction, remain in composed balance, despite the pull of an opposite irridescence.

Includes jewlery and a high-quality digital download of Formwela 9. Ships October 3, 2021.

Formwela 10 // ring with reminder knot

A solid sterling silver ring tied in a knot with a 14kt gold ring in the knot


A knot there to remember that which interrupted a snug round of reciprocal romance. In the moment of remembering what not to do, a little gap opens, allowing for adjustments fitting of love’s mutual encircling.

Includes jewlery and a high-quality digital download of Formwela 10. Ships October 3, 2021.

Formwela 11 // small sun dial for elder-time keeping

A solid sterling silver sundial to be worn on a chain or attached to a shoelace


You are encouraged to regularly invite this elder-of-all time-pieces into your life, -as companion in adjacence to digital time(s) keeping. Place yourself and the sun-dial in the light of your nearest old star, while they’re still shining here on earth, and experience an older way of knowing and measuring present time(s) passing between you.

Includes jewlery and a high-quality digital download of Formwela 11. Ships October 3, 2021.

Formwela 13 // scarf with reminder rain-drop  

A hand-dyed silk scarf with a sterling silver raindrop attached to one edge. Hand-dyed by Upstate.


When the full material is un-scrunched, a multifaceted functionality becomes avail- able. The points that are visibly heaviest, hang out to be seen, in the form of a beautiful little rain, revealing the distinctness of this scarf’s (and each of ours’) intentional design.

Includes jewlery and a high-quality digital download of Formwela 13. Ships October 3, 2021.