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For this iteration of the lab, Corey and I started by asking each other: what do you need a song for?

We discovered through conversation and song-sketch sharing, that we both wished for a song to enhance our ability to communicate what is most difficult to say between intimate loved ones.

This became the over-arching theme of the Portal Land Songwrights Apothecary Lab - or as our art-director and collaborator Rob Lewis poignantly coined this batch of formwelas : the practice of saying.

:two weighs of looking at the research:

During this Portal Land, OR edition of Songwrights Apothecary Lab, Ganavya Doraiswamy collaborated as researcher. Each day of the lab, Corey, Ganavya and I would discuss the questions, themes and affects we wanted to explore through this batch of formwelas (songs).

Ganavya then went foraging through many fields of scholarship, which she would bring back to us for us to sift through, apply, be-expanded-by, then integrate key elements and poetic implications, into our raw formwela material.

first weigh

Here is a most beautifully distilled user-guide; a weigh for gently strumming the many strands of Ganavya’s research, which wove one way or another into the wrighting of Formwela 4, Formwela 5 and Formwela 6.

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second weigh

Here’s an more in-depth weigh to read about the stories, thoughts, practices and perspectives from Ganavya’s research-forage, which Corey and I explored during this edition of the S.A.L:

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