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(SEPTEMBER 24, 2021 @ 12:00 AM EASTERN TIME)


“ – I brought this formwela sketch to the lab...with the intention of sharing it, as a touch-in to help yours truly remain in transparent accountability, and check-in/reminder of how these tangles tend to tangle themselves... “

  –  esperanza spalding

Formwela 7

a sense of permission to close one’s eyes, and allow others to perceive that the listening faculty is fatigued.

For asserting the sanctity of receptivity, and/or a reminder to honor the dynamic labor of truly listening to, and/or conversing with, another speaking person.

Use to gently, -then if needed less gently, -then if that doesn’t work...quite fumingly- stop, slow, shift-the-track-of, and/or remove-oneself-from-the-path-of a drawn out talking train that’s become unscrupulously long, and singularly driven by a speaker un-noticing of diminishing conversational mutuality, and/or the listener(s)’ fatigue.

Formwela 8

a sound at ease, with no urge to move from that comfort place*.

For dissolving anxiety-induced tactics of self-regulation, into the dynamic buoyancy of a secure, comfy, and sane home-place. Use to support a sense of the one’s spirit being embraced and nursed to its fill in the bosom of a nurturing and constant connection

*formwelated by Leo Genovese

Formwela 9 

the seduction beams of an enchanter/x/ress become scrambled in a force field of your-own-homies’-love-for-you surround-swirling to create a calm center for clear re-remembering of your own root of sacredness, cared-for-ness, eros-reservoir, and community.

Use as an amulet of protection to intercept the magnetism and/or seductive pull of someone tryna get high by luring your attention and/or attraction.

Formwela 10

via a public admission of how aggressive-seducing patterns sullied a clean, clear, purely offered gift of human intimacy, remorse waterizes and returns to source as the outpouring release of inventory-taking rinses and renews the heart

For grieving the consequences of, becoming more alert to, and dissolving one’s own romantic-entitlement tendencies.

Formwela 11

the perpetual effort to keep up with all the things all the time…- slackens…allowing spaciousness to accompany times’ flow, and the aperture of your receptive presence, to widen.

Use to slow down and remember to make space/time for your elders, amidst the myriad thoughts, people, and things you and others your age are busy busy busy solving, responding-to, interjecting-in, keeping-up-with, pursuing, showing-competency-at, figuring-out, proving-yourself-to, and/or, steadily-remaining-distracted-by, while a pantheon of life experts (elders) are available to illuminate the seconds-to-midnight construction site of your most beautiful dreams.

Formwela 13

as your smoke-screen of brooding cloudiness releases into the basic-affinity and love of others, the same canal which when empty seemed like an endless valley of hell you had to walk along the bottom of alone, fills into a carrying and supporting river

Use to release the pretentious illusion that others can’t see through your stingily maintained smoke-screen of dark grandeur, and notice how you are in fact loved because AND despite of your burning, condensated, sullied human-ness.

For remembering that brooding cloudiness is some basic-ass-shit, and also, a withholding of love(water) accumulated around each particle of suffering inevitably kicked up through walking this way called life. For noticing that many many among us have also suffered profoundly, and the evidence of love’s constancy through it all IS your/our/their capacity to generate and hold such a massive volume of evaporated care as protective, occluding cloud, which -once released into the love of others- is the waters most needed to fill and deliver you/us flowingly along the rivers of life.

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